• noelle loizos

Writing Request on International Women's Day 2020

Updated: May 25

Two men recently approached me to rewrite a script for them. One of these men is qualified to produce a film having worked in the industry for almost 20 years, but never on any film over $1 million budget. The other is a blue collar retiree who had a recent epiphany in wanted to be in the film industry. I have no problem with any of this but want to paint the entire picture as it lays itself out for me.

They heard of some of my scripts successes and also want to have a woman write their script since "Hollywood is listening to women now more than men", or so they believe.

They sent me their original script that was written in a word document, and so I began to read. Not only did the misogyny ink from the first sentence to the last but the story itself was incredibly hard to get through. I ran a report just got good measure and found that "tits" was said 18 times... and there were 155 "fucks".

Word by word, I cringed. CRINGED. From high school boys fighting about their turf to drone bombs being launched to kill mob bosses in other states, this one script had me shaking in fury at how men continue to think and how films that aren't too far off from this script are actually being funded.

On this International Women's Day, women across the planet continue to fight for their rights in some gruesome conditions. From the streets of Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Mexico and Chile, to our own back yard of the United States; we must persist. We will forever stand together for a new world and better future for women.

Films and television's mass audiences have the POWER to embed norms. It is for that reason that I see my job and mission in life as extremely important.

It's my story. It's your story. It's all of our stories. I join hands with all people out there that work their tails off for wholesome and sustainable living for ourselves and our future generations. Happy #InternationalWomensDay !

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