• noelle loizos

All I had to do was change direction.

Updated: Mar 8

It’s really quite beautiful.

I wonder if you’ll ever see what I am seeing at this exact moment.

But each moment the clouds inch to the right as we rotate to the left.

We must be facing the the West.

The snowcapped mountains that usually border the horizon are covered with a row of thick bluish-grey clouds over the park’s forest green right in front of me.

Above that, a light blue and yellow sky.

Clear as day, although it’s 9pm.

Some clouds float above, big and vast.

Grays and sky blue seem to wrestle as the sun perches in it’s resting place and slowly says it’s goodbye. It leaves an orange-gold glow to the border of the vast clouds and that all whisk together in their movement like a paint brush on a canvas.

Did they all stop for us to enjoy?

Our eyes may hope but our minds knows different.

The plane in the sky must have a view, as does the one bird that soars as it enjoy’s the summer night.

It's really quite beautiful, you know...all I had to do was change direction to see this and I no longer have the company of a blank white wall.